Friday, February 6, 2009

Enlistments for the Week

This week's recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army (What is the DPA?) are Joe R, Stu H, Ollytheosteo and PoisonofDecember. Greetings, er, gentlemen. (I use the term advisedly. Gentlemen. Not greetings.)

Joe R hails from Michigan and is either a college player or he works for APPA or both.

Stu H has blocked his profile--why so shy, Stu?--but VFTD can state that Stu is an adventurous chap who joins us from the UK and is an indifferent speller at best.

Olly also hails from the UK and is a fellow alumnus of PGi magazine. And if you could see underneath his tank you would discover pedals and training wheels.

PoisonofDecember has me stumped. But that's okay. Like the Foreign Legion we don't ask questions. That you are here is good enough.

Welcome and thanks.

Until next week.


Joe R said...

Joe R is all of the above. Former college player, I help Chris with APPA at events, and I'm working with the NCPA this year in an administrative function as well.

On topic of the previous post: looking through the list of unpaid teams for Phoenix, you can count about 20 of them as being paid. Teams such as N10CDX, the Palm Beach groups, Total Karnage, and Velocity, are all returning and recurring teams that will be making the trip and just enjoy missing payment deadlines :)

Baca Loco said...

Does Joe R routinely talk about himself in the third person?

Joe, the whole countdown thing is kinda intended to create a level of suspense and uncertainty. So while I agree with your assessment you're just showing off, APPA Boy. ;-) Fortunately most of the slackers don't bother to read the comments.

Geoff Waterman said...

And a fellow Blue Gunner...........

Baca Loco said...

Probably not something he wanted to admit to.

Chris said...

PoisonDecember is obviously a myth, because according to the Nation people like him do not exist. He is ranked D3, yet registered to play D1...

Just typing those words make the hair on my neck stand up! Obviously there was a rule passed that I was unaware of stating that you MUST be ranked D1 to play D1... At least that's the vibe we are getting from the south.

I recall when I was first informed that we were being moved to D1. I was standing outside the field screaming "Pittsburgh Can't support 2 D1 teams, a Pro team, And a hand full of 5 man teams.. We just don't have the talent, we just don't have the people!!" Before I could return home to make a hate post on PbN this ginger kid walked up to me and said "Hey.... Ill play"

Kidding aside, he is one of my guys (Status). I passed around your quote about "Almost making it to Phoenix", most the guys had no clue what I was talking about, and probably followed the link.


Baca Loco said...

No, no, the rule is you must be ranked D1 in order to make room for more D3s and D2s. I'll admit it can be confusing--particularly to those trying to explain it. ;)

What Pittsburgh can't do is support D1 or better teams without guys like you, Chris. The players aren't the problem. The PSP cranks them out like the Fed prints money (and mostly to the same effect.)