Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Curious

Is scratching his head over this one. If Dynasty are slated to take the Philly Dogs CPL spot in the Millennium Series who will blink first, KEE or the MS? With their new deal The Rats are set to shoot RPS but KEE doesn't (yet) sponsor the Millennium.

UPDATE: If anyone assumed I was suggesting that Dynasty are somehow at fault for switching sponsors because I called them 'The Rats'--that was not my intention. I've been calling them various names for years; like Dynarats or Dynabrats and others. No judgments, just for fun. (Last thing I want is Alex all up in my grill in Phoenix.)


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Aren't there so many more things Mr. Curious could be Curious about then who is giving Dynasty free paint?

Find it odd that no one has released pricing for the even that is in.... 5 days...

Maybe... "Hey, where is that rule book?"

Maybe.. "Whats the point of a deadline if we are 2 days past it and teams are still popping up on the list"

And finally, the most obvious question in my mind.. What the hell made someone think Chris R was the proper selection to cold call teams that didn't pay yet!?!? (Just kidding Chris... Kinda... I would rather talk to Keeley)

Baca Loco said...

Chris, Chris, Chris
The rule book thing is so last week (when I first did it.)

As for the KEE/MS thing you are missing the point. If KEE isn't a paint sponsor of the Mil then Dynasty can't shoot their sponsor's product. In essence this is the first test of restrictive sponsorship rules.
So is the MS really gone tell Dynasty to go home and leave an empty slot in the CPL?

Chris said...

No, of course not... Someone will buy their paint, its the perks of being dynasty.

I don't see kee saying "You are not permitted to go win tournaments in which you can not shoot our paint"

Besides, wasn't there an event last year where they weren't shooting banana ball? They get whatever they need... Right?

Baca Loco said...

You are aptly named.

raehl said...

The point of the deadline is simple - make sure the league has the information it needs to run a good event. A key thing the league needs to know is how many teams are coming.

The point of the deadline is definitely not to say 'Haha, you can't play because you didn't fill out the credit card form on the website before midnight!'

Baca Loco said...

Chris R.
It's fine to respond to Chris -X- over at the Nation but c'mon, man. It's not a big deal. Relax and finish the rule book.

BobCat said...

I am very confused by this update. Also the Chris thing is really messing me up. Please refer to Chris R. as raehl in all future posts involving Chris. In fact if you could refer to Chris as "not u bobcat" that would be very helpful to other Chris's who read this blog.
Also Bacca, nobody knows who you are. How could anyone confront you on items you discuss on your secret blog?

retiredpro said...

Everyone knows the great Baca, he will be seen at every major event this year. Overall he's a very wise but humble man that is only asking questions that no one else in paintball have the balls to ask openly. Don't see a man like Stein asking questions like these out loud. No all the team owners come here to read what's going on. All men are entitled to a view point as well whether you agree with Baca or not he always makes an interesting read. Baca keep up the great work and being an active voice in tournament paintball, trust me it needs it...

Baca Loco said...

I appreciate your confusion over the plethora of Chrises. From now on Raehl will be Raehl and I'll do what I can with the rest. Of course even I don't always know one Chris from another.
As to the rest let's just say Baca is sort of an open secret and less an effort to conceal anything than a continuation of an old habit.

Thanks but you're not helping. I already have trouble fitting the sponsor's cap on my jumbo sized melon head.

Chris said...

I will be more then happy to sign my posts properly...

So here we are, Saturday before the event... ProCaps still hasn't released its pricing for us. I assume several other teams are in the same boat... Kee made us a deal we passed on too, assuming that we would of been able to get something better from ProCaps.

I know the industry is in shambles, but really should I, someone who buys 30-60 cases a weekend + 60-100 cases at an event be the one punished?


Baca Loco said...

Chris-X- (Right on! Fight the power!)
If guys like you--responsible for multiple teams--are scrambling you know what kind of environment we're in. It's not punishment, it's reality.