Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Quick Note

I hope today's posts keep y'all busy for awhile as I'm off to Phoenix this afternoon and won't be home until Monday afternoon. I will have a computer in Phoenix but make no promises of on-site posting.

The point of the previous post isn't to pick sides and try to find ways to knock down the other guys--it's to seriously consider why things work the way they do and what changes might be made in order to perhaps build a better league(s) for everyone. In that spirit I look forward to seeing lots of comments on the AXBL vs. PSP thread.

There was no Enlistment post last week because for the first time there were no new additions to the DPA last week. I did, however, finally get Feedburner connected properly, dispelling once and for all, the unkind rumor I'm all thumbs. (And, uh, nope--that didn't make any sense at all. Even to me.)

If you can't make it to Phoenix please take some time to check out the webcast on Saturday and/or Sunday. I will be very interested in hearing how this latest version has turned out and, who knows, I might force my way into Matty's booth and demand some face time. Could happen.


BobCat said...

Good luck this weekend. Is there a secret DPA greeting one should use if they see you at the event?

D.MaShadow said...

Give us a sign once you are on the webcast... please? Something only the DPA knows!

Baca Loco said...

Not yet, Bobcat, but if you think of one let us know and we'll use it.

No pressure, D. At least I've got a day to come up with something.