Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is not just another pitiful excuse for not posting on the Phoenix Open (which I'm about to get to.) You were warned in advance and there have been some extenuating circumstances--I got sick on Saturday. Sick and tired. Tired and sick. But that's not an excuse because I hate excuses almost as much as I despise whiners. It just is what it is and you get what you get. (Baca's Hard Truth of Life #8) And I am now feeling well enough to get back to it. I actually passed out on (into/over/onto?) the keyboard earlier this morning. Regained consciousness with a buzzing in my ears as my face was holding down about a dozen keys. I couldn't understand why my eye hurt until I realized that's where one of my fingers was. It's a funny story. I'd tell you the whole thing but there are a few pieces missing.

I'll be posting shortly on the pro prelims as promised and will add thoughts on the impact of the off season changes, the webcast and assorted odds and ends.

I will also be putting off the Enlistment announcement until this coming Friday but would like to thank Don S. and houdini as the most recent enlistees. houdini, now that you're into paintball I'm sure you will find there is no escape. And Don worked the webcast at Phoenix and has a nice piece about it over at paintballagenda. Check it out.

And, finally, I'll be attending to post comments as well. So, if I missed your latest comment I could be posting up a reply anytime. And if I don't, um--er, your comment was so terrific no further comment was necessary.

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