Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big League Ramblings

Sorry, kids. It's been a long day. Quick recap on PSP Phoenix Open where final numbers look to be 141--and today would be the plus one I added to registration. Solid numbers up 18 teams from last year. Still only three paint companies listed among the league sponsors. I wonder what impact, if any, that may have down the road if more don't sign on. I'm also wondering if the new PSP sponsorship policy and sales restrictions will potentially push the the retailers to the USPL. With money tight it may ultimately depend on how registration turns out.

Speaking of registration it's due to open next Monday for the USPL's inaugural event at HB in April. Could be there will also be a positive surprise come Monday. It's not a done deal but hopefully it will work out 'cus it will be good for competitive paintball.

Has the Millennium crew fallen and they can't get up? Are they in hiding while trying to produce a new, PSP-compatible rule book or are they concerned about the upper division spots for sale that continue to go wanting?

And I managed to squeeze one bit of info out of Mr. Curious about the whole PALM thing. Apparently part of the agenda will be meetings planned to move the UPBF to the next level.

Tomorrow--The Pro Team Crack-Up


Chris said...

Retailers will be pushed to the USPL, but unfortunately for the USPL, retailers don't have much money.

Fred said...

"Are they in hiding while trying to produce a new, PSP-compatible rule book [...] ?"

A MS rule book ? I never found one,if you have one try some auction websites, you could make some money with it ...

Lawrence said...

so the UPBF has some momentum..interesting.

Baca Loco said...

I try to find a silver lining and you shoot me down.

I've heard there is at least one copy that Ulrich keeps in a steel reinforced briefcase hidden in an anonymous locker in the train station in Bremen.

Pidge said...

Basically, the Millennium is scared of the PSP I doubt they're willing to release a rulebook that is completely different to the PSP, so they'll wait till after next week. Managing to get a field layout 3/4 weeks ago was bloody fantastic, though theres alot of criticism for adding bunkers (just for the sake of adding bunkers, in many opinions.)

Its not surprising that people are apprehensive with the mills, we know literally nothing apart from where the event is and the field layout. Spose thats the same with the PSP, but you have some idea of the format and basic rules.

Fred, the MS rule book tends to be an out of date, poor grammar and spelling PDF found on the millennium website ;) If you're thinking of a PAPER copy, well that's gonna be worth alot.