Thursday, February 26, 2009

PSP MAO (layout)

But first--a couple of unrelated comments, just because I can. Next installment of MLP Held Hostage will be posted tomorrow. (See, I didn't forget.) And from this point forward it will focus on the coming USPL event. I'd like to add some Millennium material too but first things first. Perhaps paintball ought to put out an Amber Alert for the MS or put the series logo on some milk cartons because the Millennium seems to have disappeared more mysteriously than a teenage runaway.

Blogger has seen fit, without notice or recourse (so far) to change the public face of the Deadbox Puppet Army on the sidebar and I apologise for the fact it's become an eye sore for the moment. If I can change it, I will.

New to the Paintblog Roll is BigPumpin, a paintblog dedicated to the pump player who asks the question: What can you do with one hand?

To the topic at hand: The PSP has released the layout for the MAO. After a series of solid and interesting and more diversely playable fields over the last year or so this one comes at the wrong time. Short of killing one or two peeps per breakout and sweeping the field from the D.wire through the center this layout is going to play slower than molasses in Antarctica. And it will exacerbate the concerns some had with the lower division games not even reaching the lowered race thresholds because I can easily envision good teams bogging down on this rather disappointing choice. Either you kill peeps off the top or die of boredom. (I smell another installment of Field Design coming in order to do a more comprehensive job breaking this one down.)


Fred said...

Few days ago the MS was looking for D2 teams to jump to the next level. Even if they invited them, they ask for the €2,500 to fill the D1 spots - hard time, eh ?

Had some news today too. They just grab my money.

Baca Loco said...

I wonder if anyone has taken them up on it--I can't see it as there are (or were) spots for sale for less that nobody seems to want. I wonder too if the MS has bothered to remind them they may need to change guns, depending on who is or isn't sponsoring the league.