Saturday, January 3, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 2

The PSP delivers ROF, format, penalty and roster info the same day VFTD begins the hostage crisis countdown. Coincidence?

Not so fast. It's not time to declare victory. This isn't over. For starters all the necessary info hasn't been released yet. Nor has it been reviewed for freshness. (Did the sell by date expire even before it was released?) Let's hear about the UPBF. And, oh yeah, there's that other league in the making. Is it for real or what?


bronc said...

I think we should all just be honest and call 2009 what it's going to be. A year to sit out and practice, go on a vacation, take a break from the grind of 10 events during the year, time to get married, have a kid, ride a bike, smoke a blunt, go on a hike, etc, etc, etc.

The national tournament scene for 09 isn't going to be worth it, IMHO. At least with how it stands now.

Aruba Madness anyone? lol!

tcerruti said...

My head hurts thinking about the possibilities of the 09 season, who knows where it will all end. Who will the Paintball Gods Favor!


Baca Loco said...

Nobody is favored. Those who get it right, win. Those who get it wrong, lose. Sadly, depending on whose wrong they may take us with them.

tcerruti said...

They will never take us alive!