Saturday, January 17, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 16

It's getting old, isn't it? The whole held hostage thing. I agree but that's sorta the point. We are in the pre-season of the most uncertain major league season in years if not in the brief history of major league seasons and it's supposed to begin to weigh on y'all after awhile. Most of us only pay attention or care when we're directly involved--and that's totally understandable. Paintball ought'a be fun. Who wants to struggle all the time? But who said you have to struggle to participate? I don't know about you but I'm having a good time. The guys who have it hard are the ones making the decisions that count.

Okay, true confession time. When the PSP's new rulebook comes out if something doesn't work particularly well or you don't like it you can hold me at least partially responsible 'cus I was there. Not everyone agreed about everything but in general most of what came out of the meeting found broad consensus. A lot of the stuff that wasn't relevant anymore was/will be removed and other details were/will be updated. We also agreed on a way to look at difficult situations--the guiding principle was/is to let the players and teams decide the outcome on the field as much as possible. That doesn't mean less penalties will be called but it does mean that anytime we could have gone one way or another we erred toward the notion of deciding the game on the field. For example, the 90 second rule was reduced to 60 seconds to correspond with the new penalty times and it will also mean the same 60 second rule will apply in OT periods instead of any major penalty in OT immediately ending the game an awarding the point to the other team. (If you can serve the penalty and survive you keep playing.) As the penalties apply in the lower divisions the intent is similar though it will play out a bit differently given the calls are 1-4-1's and 2-4-1's in most circumstances. I think it's fair and better. And Tim S. will be directing his refs in how to deal with the rule changes in fact and in spirit. It should be clearer when you see an official rulebook. If anyone has any questions I'll be happy to give you an UNOFFICIAL answer--if I know it.

Btw, there were things that weren't on the agenda--like classifications & rosters.

I'm thinking of making a list once Phoenix and HB roll around of all the pro players not on a roster this year but I'll need help. Also thinking of trying to keep track of the "disappeared" among the D1 ranks. One reason we can do it is because APPA actually has the data available. Anybody got any ideas how to find similar stats for 7-man players? (Though I'm of the opinion paintball lost a lot of the 7-man grassroots over the last couple of years and not so much the higher profile player.) Either way, I'd like to hear from y'all on this. Where are players going and why?

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