Thursday, January 8, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage UPDATE

On Day 6 VFTD wondered when the layout would be released. The answer turned out to be today. Click through the PSP link down on the sidebar in the Paintball on the Web list to take a look.
The X has been removed from xball. Apparently it's the half X as has been used by Chris & the college kids in the NCPA for a few years. It should improve spectator vision of the field and it will alter play some but shouldn't be a significant change.


raehl said...

While we originally introduced the half-X to not block out camera shots (couldn't see one end from the other or snake tape from the mid-50 camera), the real advantages for the half-X are it's much easier handling characteristics while having virtually no change on the way the bunker plays. No cables required to keep it up, inflates in half the time, costs half as much, doesn't blow around in the wind, feet don't rip out - all things that are great for keeping the event on-time and for making life easier for field owners.

Baca Loco said...

I didn't say your name three times--you aren't supposed to show up.
Are you just cutting and pasting your stock answers at this point? ;-) Make sure you don't forget to post this in the field owners forum at PBN.
And best of all every field owner will be encouraged to buy the '09 bunker upgrade kit.