Monday, January 5, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 4

You didn't really think I was gonna let this go, did you? Of course not. Good news of incipient sanity in the PSP as Lane announces a pull back on the roster restrictions in the meat & potatoes divisions. Meanwhile PSP Phoenix registration has been delayed until Friday to finalize classification issues, etc. which means they's on the clock.
Despite some progress the crisis continues. Since the New World Order (UPBF) is on the agenda and apparently moving forward VFTD is including the MS goings on as part of the crisis. Given the MS's history of dithering and delay this could string out the hostage situation well into the future. Otherwise I'm tempted to keep this going until there is definitive word on the status of the new 7-man venture (and maybe up through an HB event to see if it is a success.) The same applies to Phoenix Open. Major League Paintball will remain a hostage of circumstance at least until we know if the first hurdles of the season will be cleared successfully.

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