Thursday, January 15, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 14

Are you a PSP fan? Does it seem like I spend most of my time picking on your boys? Let me explain. I don't go after the defenseless and I (usually) don't do it without a purpose. When I criticize any of the major leagues or industry players I figure it goes with the territory as the movers and shakers of competitive paintball and that they can handle it. If they weren't influential what would be the point? I'm never gonna dog the reffing at Commando Joe's rookie 3-man, for example. Besides, VFTD is just a happy little blog.
Right now there's no there there when discussing the NPL. Makes it hard. And the MS is like a mute masochist all dressed up in his leather suit with surfeit of zippers frustrated at his inability to beg for the humiliation he so desires. Eventually the league will have to say something (after the PSP tells them what it is) and VFTD will take it from there. In the meantime relax and have some fun.

While I don't have anything to say about the NPL I do have a few (more) questions. With Pro teams only participating at some of the regional events how does the league intend to structure events when most of the pros don't show up? Are the pro owners signing contracts that obligate them to any and all debts the league may incur while operating beyond their buy-in? Is the league really gonna sell pro spots to anyone with the cash? If there are plenty of interested 7-man teams why couldn't Pure Promotions or Pacific get them to attend and how is the NPL gonna do better? When can we expect the basic info to be released regarding registration, entries, officiating, rules, etc. for HB?

Stay vigilant.


BobCat said...
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Baca Loco said...

Aw, man, Bobcat. Now I'm all curious. Not quite Mr. Curious but you know ...

BobCat said...

it was a two part rant...condensed for your reading pleasure. Race to 7 was lame last season and dropped after 1 event but they are going to reset it for 2009.
NPL- They do seem to be selling spots to anyone with cash. The possible list of teams came out and I see NXL repeat with a new format and less commitment from the franchises. I don't know why in the world those smart people would assume they are smarter then the other guys.

Baca Loco said...

Next time leave in the full, unabridged version, Bobcat. ;-)
7 points isn't the worst of it (and I didn't like it in Phoenix last year either.) We're down in roster and we've lost a prelim match that will make results more of a crap shoot.
However, I also know how difficult things are going to be for the league this year. Has the PSP drawn the lines in the right places to get thru all this? I hope so but I'm not sure.

Turns out I'll be at HB 'cus we is playing. I'm still more or less convinced it isn't going to fly.

More often than not folks believe what they want to believe.