Friday, January 9, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 8

Remain vigilant.
Word is one of PBIndustry's major players -- and one that would likely be on Everybody's short list -- was not a party to the request to reduce ROF. That doesn't mean there weren't enough others to make it happen but it does suggest that there is/was no unanimity among those potentially most affected.

UPDATE: Check out the kids at PBReserve (link on the sidebar) for the latest on the USPA/NPL--a letter from Chuck who wants everyone to be happy. Be very happy. Chuck didn't send his letter to VFTD. Was it something I said?


bronc said...

WDP/Angel was left out of the discussions on ROF. They weren't too happy about it according to their master techs. Eclipse was asked, but disagreed with it (Ledz is semi for life).

It's the choir the PSP preaches to that made the decisions.

Baca Loco said...

Nice try, Bronc, tempting me to break a blog rule but I see thru you. How did Angel end up in a comment about major industry players?

bronc said...

They aren't major anymore? :-(

It's ok, they will always be major to me.

And Ken Crane over on PbN came out in a discussion with Raehl over this. He picked no bones, while still being as polite as he could. A true gentleman, unlike me ;-)

raehl said...

I personally would LOVE to have semi-auto back. But...

As it stands, you can't have (fair) semi-auto AND allow electronic guns. You could have semi-auto and allow electronic guns *IF* each manufacturer would make a board with readable software and release the source for that software. That, unfortunately, hasn't happened yet. Maybe next year.