Sunday, January 11, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 10

I got nothing. Zero, nada bupkiss, nothing. Spent yesterday and today with first practices of the season. The kids on the next field over were trying out for some PSP teams at 10 bps and I am more convinced than ever it will give players a real opportunity to play and develop real skills. If the divisional kids step up to the challenge it's gonna demand the same from the referees. Oh, boy. This could get ugly, fast.

What are the chances the NPL will be 'Presented by Spyder'? Doesn't quite rate as a Burning Question but given the cash Kingman has chucked at assorted Spyder Cup(s) this would be a better deal, wouldn't it? How could it be a worse deal?

Stay vigilant.


Anonymous said...

sinister D2 xball tryouts were today and most people were shooting 10bps, by choice
there were only a few people shooting uncapped semi
and yes the refs. we had some players getting hit, somtimes knowingly, but the refs didnt call that guy out so he just played on

BobCat said...

Once I heard this new league was coming from Chuck I thought Spyder money was a given. I for one am disappointed that some of the people who wanted a merger seem to be involved in forming the new league. When we just spent two years hearing about how expensive PB is and 10 tourneys is bleeding everyone dry.

Chris said...

Here is a pattern...

Create a problem
Exploit the problem
Make the problem worse
Demand that more must be done to fix the problem

This pattern as you can probably tell is not limited to paintball, but about everywhere where one person feels they know more and can "help" the masses.

those anarchists hailing from across the internets said...

In a nutshell: sponsorship dollars, player dollars, and consumer dollars don't exist to support multiple leagues and luxury hobbies.

If you do the math on spyder cup, Kingman actually "made money" and in paintball terminology, that means breaking even. It was a great way to promote the sport and the companies line of markers at MINIMAL end of year cost. The cars, the checks, the events, etc. were all paid for by the sales of guns, free and paid publicity, event paint etc.

The NPL on the other hand will be a money losing endeavor from the start. Anyone who thinks they will have 147 teams at the HB event (formula is based off a 20% reduction from last seasons turnout) is not only confused, they are bat crazy. The harsh reality dictated by the 4th Quarter earnings reports is going to stir some shit up. Christmas was a dud and pink slips are being issued as quickly as the fed is printing money.

Considering the new league A) lacks a method of communicating with the teams [NPPL mailing list is locked up [$$$] and the only one with access is Shawn Walker [illegally] and Pacific PB]. The only other person with a contact list of reasonable size is Chris Raehl, and for all intents and purposes, he works for the PSP. Along the same note, those leading this fresh 7-man charge aren't factoring in the biggest economic crisis the world has ever seen..those guys (and everyone involved) must be drunk at the wheel or have some twisted motives because they are writing it all off as if its a "non-issue".

There are alot of people with great intentions but unfortunately this is just not the right time. One final note, plan for the worst, hope for the best.

Baca Loco said...

I'm with you except for the Spyder Cup thing. Break even? Whose Kool-Aid you been drinking?
And exactly who did Kingman reach with this magical marketing scheme?

Losing Sucks! B & M Pro Shop said...

Promo flyers are posted at your "local" sports outlet; ie Walmart, Sport Mart, Sports Chalet, Big 5, etc.

These flyers next to the gun displays serve the purpose of dragging in new players off the street by motivating them with the idea that with the help of 2 buddies they can drive off with 3 new hummers, mazda 3's or CASH in hand.

Of course we all know that Dynasty and other experienced teams are the only ones with a fighting chance ..but hey, its paintball, the teams are always stacked and the rules are always bent.

At the end of the day though, everyone that plays paintball can go and brag to their non-pb friends that yes, you can make money playing the sport. The conversation may go something like this..

Friend says.. "Man, paintball isn't going anywhere, your just wastin your money!"

You say.. "Yeah well Pros are starting to get paid and if I win this regional tournament I may get some cash money..Heck, they are giving away Hummers at this tournament I'm playing!"

Friend says.. "Whoa dude! Totaly bro-dacious, lets make a team and take on the WORLD!"

You say.. "Duude..don't bogart that joint, my friend..pass it over to me-ee-e-e"

Get the drift?

Baca Loco said...

Not exactly Clerks 3 but I get your point. I also get ROI and I don't see how Kingman can even begin to think it is reaching beyond the current player base when it can't run a local spyder cup event anywhere in the black.

Anymore of those kinda comment and I may have to ban the use of the word dude, Dude.

Mark790.06 said...

On the subject of 10bps, and it helping D3 players discover the game of paintball as it should be played:
I agree.
But when it comes to an old washed up PB store manager who was on that field next to yours and was trying to re-acquaint himself with a game he had not played in a year and a half (not to mention 30lbs ago):
Back when washed up PB store manager played much more often (every 2 to 3 months) He found success using PB fundamentals to dispatch the little rubber people who, once they mastered the perfect chest-slide, decided that they learned all they needed to learn to play the game.
Since these ROF-addicted pigmy's could not sense a single paintball shot AT them, let alone the point in space PB store manager's internal PB-clock would tell him they will soon occupy, it was a fun. Our hero even took pleasure when his victim figured that since it was only one ball that seemingly came out of know where to cyclops him, surely no one saw, let alone intended it, so play MUST continue.
But on Sunday, Mr. Washed up PB store manager, his PB-clock off by a few seconds, has found the cleat on the other foot! His only solace comes from the fact that the rubber pigmy who cyclopsed HIM didn't see it either, and a micro-fiber stitched to his gloves can once again make things right ;-)

Baca Loco said...

Wow, Mark. It's just like Mutual of Omaha's 'Wild Kingdom', except paintball. Thus the cycle of life is repeated.

undrdg said...

Hope is good. Maybe 10bps will help more than we think.