Saturday, January 24, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 23

VFTD also held hostage, Day 23. I know, I'm whining and yes, I disgust myself so no need to kick me while I'm down. Rumor has it JT will be/has signed up to sponsor the PSP this year in a big way. Don't know if that grapevine report is accurate or not but if I were you I wouldn't drop everything and call my broker just yet. There may be a floor for other industries and commodities but I think paintball has a basement.

APPA's front page has a link posted to the PSP's Universal Classification Program in preliminary form (as well as a graphic representation.) I hate to do it to y'all and I won't take it badly if you don't stop by tomorrow 'cus I'm gonna post some observations and questions regarding the UCP and its relation to the PSP's classification and ranking system. I may also have a go-round or three with Raehl in the comments to the Logan's Run Finale for those with masochistic urges and a desire for punishment.

Saw a tentative WCPPL schedule (of 5 or 6 events) the other day and they've scheduled around the USPL west coast events but added together it's gonna be 9 or 10 7-man events on the Left Coast this season. I know the kids were up in arms over losing 7-man (for a month or two) but when it comes time to pay the entry are they gonna love it enough to support both leagues?

Stay vigilant. Or take a nap. What could it hurt?

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