Friday, January 9, 2009

The Truth Is Out There

I was reviewing end of the year blog stats last night and was struck (again) by some of the far-flung places that visit VFTD. (Far-flung from my perspective at any rate. Which is, I suppose, an admission of a sort of parochialism and a U.S.-centric view point. Oh well, as Popeye would say, I y'am what I y'am.)
Anyway, I find it compelling that paintball is the thing we share in common and I'm fascinated by all the paintball going on in, er, far-flung places. So, if you'd ever be interested in dropping me a line about goings on in your part of the paintball world I'd enjoy hearing about it. The same of course holds true for less far-flung places as well. Anywhere competitive paintball is played. Hope to hear from you.


Chris said...

To completely change the subject :)

I wonder how seriously the PSP looked at the concept of a "Death spiral" in regards to dropping the 4th event.

Eliminating an unprofitable item a very common cost-cutting mistake and it can often make the company worse off the next year -- if you do not possess a clear understanding of exactly what all your costs are.

In other words, the PSP will now make less revenue from the teams, get less revenue from the sponsors, and if they did not exactly and correspondingly reduce their overhead by the same exact rate they will be much worse off next year.

As far as paintball outside of the US... the one field I have seen in over here in Vienna is actually much more professional. They play a neat rec version of "Xball" (sorta) I hadn't heard of, but maybe its used in the states. Instead of capture the flag as it is sometimes played in rec ball they use a horn and a scoreboard to keep track of points scored by each rec team. Most rec ballers do this intuitively ("our 'team' one 4 games and lost 3") but it is neat to give it a scoreboard status and use player interaction to increase the horn (ring the buzzer). I would love to see more of this concept at rec fields.

Actually this is very similar to the supposed "first" speedball game played at SC Village way back in the day. Maybe you remember the video on tape where they had an island with a moat in the center of the field with a horn that teams raced to get to and blow the horn. Each blow of the horn was one point.

Chris said...

ewww.... our team won not "one" one game... I'm usually ok with my typos but that one is just uncomfortable and demands correction.

Baca Loco said...

I don't know how thoroughly the PSP went thru the 4 event decision but I can tell you changes made will reduce expenses and that the gap in the schedule is intended to be filled with sanctioned regional events for the divisional teams. Leaves the pro with a big gap still -- though I suppose we may be playing 7-man. ;-)

Re: rec xball Wonder if it has any impact on moving players towards tourney play at all as a kinda tourney lite.

chad said...

would you like to hear about the wiggity-wild midwest? (indiana...) because I'll write you aboot it if you want.

Baca Loco said...

Sure Chad
Last thing I recall from that neck of the woods was the ICC. Or should that be "is" the ICC?

Richie - said...

Paintball in Far Flung places you say...

Check out the new and small Irish Paintball scene. It only kicked off here about 2 years ago properly but this we will see 5 teams in M5 Millennium Series.

Keep up the great writing/blogging/what ever it's called :)

chad said...

well, the big news around these parts circles around the Paintball Plex, trademygun's superb indoor. I'd basically call paintball in indiana dead without it, besides Undertow who played D2 NPPL when it existed. basically everyone who is anymore plays at the Plex in the winter, and I suspect all summer when it rolls around... also pertaining to the Plex, mike, the owner, has decided to build a D3 xball team. everyone wants on this team. it's basically a full ride. I'd call it big news because this team could go very, very far with mike's and the Plex's support.
ICC died in like 2006. the "main" tournament series in indiana is now the CTS, which sports events around the state. I'd say that's most of the happenings.

chad said...


Baca Loco said...

Thanks, guys.

Richie, I'll take a look when I get a chance.

Making moves to get on that team, Chad?

chad said...

aww man, as much as possible.